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                     Changzhou Tiancheng Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production, sales and service in an integrated manufacturer of diesel engines and spare parts. Founded in March 2006, the company predecessor was founded in 2002 manufacturer of diesel engines and parts - Changzhou Hua Jie agricultural sales operation. March 2006, in order to meet global business needs, the better for both new and old customer service, renamed "Changzhou City Tiancheng Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd.," and self-and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business.

                     The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, has a "diesel engine of the town," said the industrial and tourist city - Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Surrounded by the Yangtze River Trade Center, Jiangnan Hardware & Electrical City, Dragon agricultural markets and other mechanical and electrical industrial park facilities. And close to the Shangri-La Hotel, Zhongtian Fenghuang Hotel, Jin Jiang International Hotel and China Dinosaur Park tourist destination, New North Road highway from Shanghai city and Nanjing City are 150 kilometers; Changzhou Airport is only 20 minutes away from the Yangtze River Port is also only a few kilometers.

                     From its inception the company has been focusing on "diesel engine" "diesel engine parts", "tractor parts," the production, research and services, and now has developed the "regular Golden Leopard" Diesel brands as well, "Venus crank", "Venus camshaft - SHAFT "" Yixing (cattle brand) Crankshaft "" BestBath link "" Ling workers head "," Li Yang Piston "" Qili piston "," fly on bush "," Heng Yuan piston ring "," Zhenjiang valve "and many other Main parts brands. Company in 2002 from a single sales development for the domestic market to sell Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ecuador, Malaysia, the Philippines and South America, and other countries, is a focus on agricultural machinery, diesel engine industry international companies.

                     The company has a number of senior technical and management personnel, the company will continue to be: "Production of the most popular consumer products" as Tiancheng Hongye a consistent philosophy. In the future path of development, the company will population growth and food self-sufficiency issues such as the actual situation, the use of the company in technology, management and capital advantages and advanced marketing services experience to provide high-performance, high-quality, high-efficiency Agricultural machinery responsibility, continuous improvement, best meet the needs of our customers friends for China's agricultural mechanization and modernization of agriculture to contribute. Our staff will be happy to efforts to open rose, to provide high quality products to ensure that the majority of users friends can conveniently carry out production and business activities safely.

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